Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All that Glitters...

So four days into the New Year, I've decided it's time to make some resolutions. I have a couple personal goals involving temper and patience...too much of one and too little of the other is not a good mix, sigh. Lots of love to the husband who has the exact opposite temperament (good for me, not so much for him).

As far as my New Year's resolutions, first is simple enough: I solemnly vow to remove all my makeup before I go to sleep. I know, it's the #1 no-brainer beauty rule but of course being genetically blessed with fab skin as a teenager spoils you. I think I had less than 20 pimples total as a teenager. Wait!! Don't hate me just yet, I paid for all that clear skin. When I was preggo with my first son, little did I know instead of fab glowy pregnancy skin, I would get rocked with adult onset acne because of all the hormones. Ever notice no matter what symptom you have when you're expecting, the doctor tells you it's due to pregnancy?

After my pregnancies, my skin takes a while to calm back down. I used to just crash with my makeup on and wash my face in the morning. Now if I do that my T-zone will be covered in pimples (and bits of shimmer, you know I do love my glittery makeup). To make myself more proactive about removing my makeup, I treated myself to some Ultra Bland from LUSH Cosmetics. That stuff is greasy but the almond oil based cleanser really wipes off every trace of makeup on my skin from the layers of Zoom lash mascara to the MAC Black track gel eyeliner that really doesn't budge otherwise. It leaves my combination dry-oily skin feeling soft and clean.

--Quick tip, for those of you who live near an actual Lush store, always shop in person, the sales people are the friendliest and trip over themselves to give you free samples and advice.

My big resolution is to kick the post-pregnancy workouts in to high gear. I'm thinking of having one of my bff's be my workout buddy. She just had her fourth kid but she is one of those freaky celebrity type moms that can walk the red carpet two weeks after giving birth and everyone's like "what baby??" I'm soooo not one of those moms, as my two-year-old daughter kindly reminded me the other day. She asked me if she was getting another baby brother. I'll keep posting about my progress, hopefully writing about it will keep my motivation up to get fit.

Wishing everyone a Glam New Year filled with Love & Beauty!

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